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JLS-18C Sealed ink cup pad printer
Product Name:JLS-18C Sealed ink cup pad printer
Category: Pad printing machine

Feature and Performance :
1).Superior aluminum alloy: durable.
2).Main parts: pneumatic part brand FESTO or SMC,PLC brand OMRON.
3).Operation menu: easy and convenient, counter can easily show the number of products finished, four-class speed control.
4). Microcomputer control the function of movement ;Micromotor positioning: Accurate and reliable.
5).Automatic pad clean system.
6).Automatic turn-over and lock position: meet the requirement of multi-face printing, product can automatically turning 90 ,120,180 degrees or any(customize).
7).Versatile X, Y printing pad adjustment, Ink cup base with X, Y, Z adjustment.
8).Sealed ink cup pad printing machine: clean, saving printing oil and thinner.
9).Thin printing plate: easy to change and clean, improve working efficiency.
10).Linear guideway: more durable, accurate.
11).Can connect to any PLC and MCU controller.
12.Engineers are available for oversea support (extra charge), long-life online video supporting.

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